We have a lot to look forward to for the Fourth this year! How are you celebrating Independence Day? With a juicy steak and corn on the cob? Or are your bad dentures depriving you from enjoying those simple pleasures that are essential to the holiday? Is all you’ll be eating chopped-up pieces of chicken and ice cream? Or are you willing to risk your dentures coming out with your food?

You shouldn’t have to make decisions based on your dentures. Everyone deserves to eat what they want, when they want, without worry, no matter the reason they lost their teeth. This basic human freedom is possible again with dental implants.

Implants give you independence in many areas of your life – your health, your social circumstances, and your psychological well-being, to name a few. Specifically:

  • Eat whatever you want with teeth that stay secure
  • Eat out again with coworkers or friends and order what you want
  • Preserve your bone in your jaw and help prevent further loss
  • Look younger with a fuller face since your jawbone structure is preserved
  • Look healthier and more vibrant
  • Look more successful and well off
  • Seem more approachable and friendlier since you’ll be smiling more
  • Improve your oral health with healthier bone and less risk of disease 
  • Improve your total health due to improved nutrition from fruits and vegetables and better digestion from proper chewing
  • Feel confident to pursue goals you’ve put off because of your bad dentures
  • Smile around anyone without hesitation
  • Improve your social, professional, and romantic relationships because you are free to be yourself
  • Ditch your denture adhesive
  • Speak clearly, with no clacking or saliva buildup
  • Get a lifelong answer to loose dentures

At our office, you have the reassurance that:

  • Your procedure will adhere to the highest standards and fulfill your expectations, thanks to our well-trained specialist
  • Planning and outcomes will be precise thanks in part to digital imaging
  • You can get bone grafts to build up bone to support your implants, if needed
  • Your procedure will be comfortable thanks to local anesthetics and sedation
  • You can afford your new smile with multiple payment options, including insurance, financing, and prepayment discounts with cash or check
  • Our team will cater everything to your needs, from answering your questions when you’re making your decision to following up afterward to ensure you’re healing well

Bad dentures no longer have to dictate your life. Gain freedom from them with help from Dr. Reeh and our River Valley Endodontics team. Make your appointment in Stillwater, MN by calling 651-370-9498 or booking your consultation online.