Cracked Teeth Keep Your Smile Whole
  • Rely on Dr. Reeh’s years of experience
  • Relax with your choice of sedation
  • Save your tooth with our expert treatment

We Can Help With Your Cracked Teeth in Stillwater

Cracked teeth in Stillwater can happen when you least expect it. If you’re in this situation, Dr. Reeh can help. His expertise and skills have helped thousands of patients over his long career. You can count on him and our staff to:

  • Assess the condition of your tooth with precision
  • See you on the same day if possible
  • Take measures to stop your pain
  • Make recommendations for necessary treatment
  • Offer sedation to help you relax, if needed

If you’re having a dental emergency, call us as soon as possible at 651-370-9498. Established patients can be seen after hours and on weekends, so don’t suffer in pain any longer than necessary!

Trust Your Cracked Tooth to the Care of an Expert

If you leave a cracked tooth untreated, your situation can worsen and become more painful. It’s always best to see us as soon as you can for this type of problem so we can help you through it. We’ll use advanced technology like a 3-D CT scanner and digital X-rays to diagnose your condition.

Below are a few types of cracked teeth and the treatments commonly associated with them:

  • Craze Lines – Many adults have these small cracks on their teeth. They affect only the tooth’s outer layer (enamel) and are usually nothing to worry about.
  • Fractured Cusp – A fractured cusp can occur whenever a cusp (the pointed part of the biting surface of the tooth) becomes weakened. It usually doesn’t affect the pulp (the inside part of the tooth), so a root canal procedure is often not necessary. In most cases, your regular dentist will place a crown to protect the tooth.
  • Vertical Root Fracture – This crack runs from the top part of the tooth down toward the root. Sometimes a crack will extend into the root itself. When a tooth is cracked in this way, the pulp usually becomes infected, so root canal therapy is often needed. If a crack is left untreated, the infection will worsen until you eventually lose the tooth. That’s why early detection is crucial to save your tooth.
  • Split Tooth – In most cases, a split tooth occurs because a cracked tooth was left untreated. Usually, you will see a crack in the tooth and separate segments of the tooth divided by the crack. For these cases, there is no way to save the whole tooth. Your individual circumstances will determine what part, if any, of the tooth Dr. Reeh can preserve.

If you have one or more cracked teeth in Stillwater, call us today at 651-370-9498 to schedule an appointment. You can also make an appointment online.

Common Questions About Cracked Teeth

What does a cracked tooth feel like?

Depending on the type of crack and how extensive it is, you can feel several different sensations. You may have pain when biting and chewing or experience sensitivity to hot and cold. In addition, the pain or discomfort can come and go, giving you the false impression that the problem will go away on its own.

Will a cracked tooth heal on its own?

No, a cracked tooth will not heal on its own. You need the services of a professional to repair it. In this case, Dr. Reeh is the professional you want. He can provide the proper treatment based on the type of crack, how severe it is, and whether it has affected your root. He may be able to save at least part of the tooth if it’s treated in time.

How are cracked teeth repaired?

The location and the extent of the crack will ultimately determine which type of treatment is needed. For minor cracks that don’t extend to the roots, a new crown will usually work. If a tooth is split into segments, then we may be able to perform endodontic treatment and save part of the tooth. For extensive cracks, the tooth may need to be extracted.