Traumatic Injuries Restore Your Oral Health ASAP
  • Feel better soon with an emergency appointment
  • Rely on Dr. Reeh’s 30-plus years of experience
  • Get precise diagnosis with advanced equipment

Count on Us for Help With Traumatic Injuries in Stillwater

Accidents can happen when you least expect it. In fact, you can safely assume they’re never going to be convenient. However, when you have traumatic injuries in Stillwater, you can rely on Dr. Reeh at River Valley Endodontics for fast help. Benefits of our care include:

  • Dr. Reeh’s 30-plus years of specialty experience helping patients just like you
  • Advanced dental equipment like a 3-D CT scanner and digital X-rays
  • Relaxing sedation options available, including laughing gas and a small pill
  • A compassionate staff that works hard to deliver comfortable patient experiences

Call us now for an emergency appointment if you’ve experienced a dental injury: 651-370-9498. Our office is located on Wildpines Lane, right next to Sunrise Park.


We Can Treat Many Types of Tooth Injuries Here

Stats Image An adult tooth will begin to die 15 minutes after it is knocked out unless it is placed in a safe liquid, such as saliva or milk. Source.
Over his years of clinical experience, Dr. Reeh has seen it all. You’ll feel good about bringing your smile into our office and trusting him to put it back into shape. Below are some types of traumatic dental injuries we see often:

  • Dislodged Teeth – Injuries to your mouth can cause your teeth to be pushed either back into their sockets or partially out of their sockets. In either situation, we’ll try to reposition and stabilize the tooth. Whether the pulp inside the tooth remains healthy will determine if you need root canal treatment. If the pulp becomes infected and painful, a root canal will be necessary to clean it out and seal the tooth. Left untreated, other problems can develop, including infection in the tooth, root system, or nearby tissue; and tooth loss. It will also be difficult to practice oral hygiene.
  • Avulsed (Knocked-Out) Teeth – If you have a tooth that has been completely knocked out, time is of the essence. Gently retrieve the tooth by the crown (visible part) without touching the roots. Put it in a container of salt water, milk, or saliva and bring it with you to the office. We may do a root canal depending on several factors, including what shape the root is in, how long the tooth has been out, and how you stored it.
  • Injuries in Children – If your child injures an immature tooth, we may use one of two treatments, either apexogenesis or apexification. With apexogenesis, Dr. Reeh will cover soft tissue with medicine to encourage the root to continue growing as the pulp heals. With apexification, Dr. Reeh will remove the unhealthy pulp and place medicine in the root so that hard tissue can form near the root tip. This tissue forms a barrier for the root canal filling.

For any traumatic injuries in Stillwater involving your teeth, call us immediately at 651-370-9498. For a non-emergency, you can also make an appointment online.

Common Questions About Traumatic Injuries

Can you help with traumatic injuries to my teeth?

Yes, Dr. Reeh and our team would be glad to help with your injury. We offer same-day emergency appointments whenever possible so we can get you into the office quickly for treatment. Our team is experienced with many types of injuries to the teeth, so your smile will be in good hands here.

What can you do for traumatic injuries?

When you come into the office, we’ll assess your injury, take a set of digital images, and work up one or more possible treatment options. We’ll go over these options in detail and help you decide which one best suits your needs. During treatment here, you’ll have your choice of sedation options to help calm your nerves.

Can a tooth be saved if it undergoes a traumatic injury?

We can often save a damaged tooth if it is treated soon enough after the injury. The key is to call us as soon as possible if you experience a dental emergency so we can provide you the immediate care needed. We’ll do all we can to save your tooth so you don’t have a gap in your smile.