Dr. Reeh Explains Treatment in Terms Patients Can Understand

top-dentists-logoWhen he was a young boy, Dr. Ernest Reeh enjoyed building model boats, cars, and airplanes as well as woodworking and repairing watches. Being good with his hands and being a keen visual learner came naturally to him. This, along with his desire to help improve people’s dental health, is what made him want to become a dentist when he grew older.

Dr. Reeh received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Calgary, Alberta with a major in chemistry and a minor in business. He completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Alberta School of Dentistry and was awarded the James McCutcheon Honor Award (one of two gold medals awarded to graduating students).

Dr. Reeh worked as a general dentist in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and received two years of specialty training in endodontics from the University of Minnesota. His master’s work was presented at an annual meeting and won the top award. He completed his master’s degree in material science and his doctorate degree in biophysics from the University of Minnesota with a related field minor in engineering.

Dr. Reeh was a faculty member of the University of Minnesota’s endodontics division while practicing dentistry privately. He always enjoyed the academic community but not as much as private practice, so he decided to start his own practice. He missed the academic environment, however, and continued to do volunteer research at the University of Minnesota, developing two products for which he holds two patents. He eventually left research at the university and went into private practice full time.

Dr. Reeh’s other professional and civic accomplishments include:

  • Specialty certification, board certified endodontist
  • Fellow, American Association of Endodontists
  • Licensed, State of Minnesota
  • Guest lecturer for Dental Residency Program, Veterans Administration Hospital, Minneapolis, MN, and many others
  • Consultant for 3M (Dental Division), Carestream Dental (Kodak Imaging)
  • Named a Top Dentist in the endodontist category by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine
  • Named by topDentists since 2007
  • Adult leader in Boy Scout Troop 9132

Dr. Reeh has conducted extensive endodontic research throughout his career. His findings have been published in numerous professional journals, case reports, and abstracts, and he has given lectures both nationally and internationally. Dr. Reeh also holds two dental technology patents.

At River Valley Endodontics, patient care and comfort are Dr. Reeh’s primary concerns. He explains patients’ needs in a calming way that they understand. Dr. Reeh also enjoys the conversations with his patients. He uses humor when appropriate to help them relax and eliminate their anxiety.

Dr. Reeh has even been known to draw pictures or write upside down so he can talk face-to-face with patients about their treatment plans. He always presents them options and gives them all the information needed to decide what’s best for them. His patients appreciate that he does what he says and says what he does. They also appreciate his outstanding fine motor skills, a trait highly suited for endodontics. One of his referring dentists even calls him “Canal Man” – not just because he does root canals, but because he finds more canals than any of the other endodontists he works with.

For Dr. Reeh, the best part of his job is the “ta-da” moment at the end of a patient’s care when they see the great results they wanted and are surprised that it was much easier than they expected.

He is proud to have created an office environment that is very calming and soothing, and he has hired team members who are understanding and compassionate. He loves our staff and feels like they are family.

In his spare time, Dr. Reeh likes to do projects in his woodshop, tinker with a hobby car, and tend to his yard and garden.