Endodontic Retreatment Stop Your Tooth Pain Fast!
  • Enjoy a precise outcome with advanced technology
  • Rely on Dr. Reeh’s 30-plus years of experience
  • Get the toothache relief you deserve

Smile Again With Endodontic Retreatment in Stillwater

The majority of root canal cases are successful, meaning this procedure ends your dental pain and allows you to keep your tooth intact. Some patients, however, may still feel pain immediately after the procedure or even years later. In these cases, endodontic retreatment in Stillwater may be necessary. Here are a few benefits of having your retreatment procedure done at River Valley Endodontics:

  • Dr. Reeh’s three-plus decades of practice experience
  • Our advanced technology, including a 3-D CT scanner and digital X-rays
  • Your choice of sedation, either inhaled sedation or sedation with a small pill
  • Compassionate care from a team that is dedicated to excellence

If you think you might need to have your root canal procedure repeated, call us today at 651-370-9498 to schedule a consultation. We’re conveniently located just down the road from Lily Lake Elementary School.


Root Canal Retreatment Can Repair Your Tooth for Good

Stats Image More than half of adults have pain from their dental problems. Source.
Most of the time a root canal procedure works well to save a patient’s tooth and stop their throbbing toothache. However, there are a few reasons it doesn’t always turn out this way:

  • Root canals that curve or are narrow and didn’t receive treatment the first time around
  • Root canals that were not detected during the first diagnosis and treatment
  • Not getting a crown placed soon enough after the procedure
  • Saliva getting into the tooth and infecting it again

Sometimes new problems arise after your root canal procedure that cause infection:

  • New decay that forms and exposes the filling material inside the canal
  • A loose filling or cracked crown or filling that allows bacteria in

No matter which of these scenarios is the reason, the solution is the same – we must retreat the tooth endodontically. Dr. Reeh will go into the tooth and clean, repair, and fill the root canals. You will want to have your regular dentist cap the tooth with a crown as soon as possible to prevent further problems.

If you need endodontic retreatment in Stillwater, you can rely on Dr. Reeh to do the job right. Call River Valley Endodontics today at 651-370-9498 to schedule an appointment. You can also make an appointment online.

Common Questions About Endodontic Retreatment

What is endodontic retreatment?

Endodontic retreatment is treatment to go back in and clean and sanitize a tooth that previously had a root canal procedure. There may be hidden canals that weren’t seen the first time around, or one of the canals may have become infected again after treatment – for example, if you didn’t get a crown placed soon enough. Essentially, it is having to redo the root canal.

How much does endodontic retreatment cost?

Until we have had a chance to do an initial exam and consultation, we cannot give you an accurate price on your endodontic retreatment. We’ll first need to look at the tooth in question, take a set of digital images, and work up a treatment plan. Then we can give you the cost of your retreatment. We do accept insurance and offer financing options if you need to set up a payment plan.

Does endodontic retreatment hurt?

Thankfully, we can complete this process practically painlessly with modern techniques. By using local anesthesia and dental sedation, we can prevent you from feeling pain and reduce any anxiety you may have about this restorative treatment.