Fix a Damaged Smile With Emergency Dental Care

Dental disasters can happen anywhere. Any time this impacts you or a person you care about, you need help with your dental emergency in Oakdale who can offer:

  • Relief from your discomfort
  • Local anesthetic and sedation for pain-free care
  • Technology to treat your challenge faster, a lot more comfortably, and more effectively
  • Restorative services to reconstruct your smile

In the heat of the moment, you will not be worried about the price of your dental care. We offer many payment options, including financing, and work with multiple dental insurance providers. We want you to optimize your benefits and revive your oral health while maintaining your bank account.

It would certainly be fantastic if you never had an oral emergency, but it is great to recognize that we are prepared to respond if you do. We likewise can assist you stay clear of predicaments that can lead to those emergency situations with our many other solutions:

  • Restorative Dentistry – Repair tooth decay with fillings. Repair fractured and broken teeth with crowns. Restore infected teeth with root canals, and restore lost teeth with bridges, dentures, or teeth implants.
  • Root Canal Therapy – Restore infected teeth with root canals, and replace missing teeth with bridges, dentures, or dental implants.
  • Dental Implants – To make your replacement teeth feel and function like the genuine thing, choose implants to replace your missing out on roots. Implants offer stable support for dentures, crowns, and bridges.
  • Oral Surgery – You might need a tooth extracted as a result of your oral emergency. We can handle this and other surgical procedures at our office.

Call 651-370-9498 to reach us at the time of your dental emergency in Oakdale, MN. Maintain your smile when you visit us at River Valley Endodontics. Call 651-370-9498 for an appointment.