It might be a strange way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but if you have poor dental health or painful dental problems, a huge burden will be lifted from your shoulders by repairing your smile.

At River Valley Endodontics, Dr. Reeh specializes in root canal procedures and any other procedures related to the interior of your tooth. Sometimes, more involved procedures are necessary to restore infected or damaged teeth. That’s when our periodontal (gum) services can save your teeth and give you healthy gums.

If you are in pain, it’s time to get back to normal. It’s time to love your smile – including your gums – again. Trust us, after we relieve your pain and restore your tooth, you will love that your suffering is over.

For healthy gums and teeth in Stillwater, call 651-370-9498 for an appointment at River Valley Endodontics. You can also schedule online.

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