Some of us at River Valley Endodontics have a family tradition of saying what we’re grateful for before we dig into our Thanksgiving dinner. We bet that if you’re missing teeth, you’d be grateful to bite into a turkey leg or indulge in pecan pie without leaving all the pecans on your plate. 

What if we said that were possible with new teeth? Not dentures, but dental implants, which are firmly rooted in your jawbone so they can support new teeth that don’t move around.

Dr. Reeh, a specialist in tooth root procedures, is the perfect dentist to place your implants – which are replacement roots. If you need any teeth removed beforehand or any bone-strengthening procedures, he has the decades of experience, advanced training, and 3-D technology you need for a successful procedure. He even has sedation if you want to relax while you get your implants placed.

Although you may not get your new teeth this Thanksgiving, we can start you on the process of your lifelong set of teeth to enjoy for every meal going forward. Make your appointment at River Valley Endodontics in Stillwater today by calling 651-370-9498, or schedule online. Before your visit, check out a few benefits of dental implants below.

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