Happy New Year from the team at River Valley Endodontics! We hope you get started off on a positive note. Whether you’ve already prepped by downloading an app to help you reach your goal or have never set a New Year’s resolution in your life, consider making your smile this year’s resolution. It can’t hurt you to – but it might hurt you not to.

Here are four reasons you should prioritize your smile this year:

  1. You’ll put extra money in your pocket. Brushing and flossing daily costs very little each year, but it can prevent hundreds if not thousands of dollars of dental work you wouldn’t otherwise need. Regular dental checkups don’t break the bank, either, especially if you have insurance. Although we are always available to restore infected teeth and missing teeth, we’d rather you never deal with dental issues.
  2. You’ll boost your confidence. A healthy smile is a clean, decay-free, disease-free smile with a full set of teeth. Just think of all the celebrities who show off beautiful smiles. They meet all the criteria and don’t have to hide their smiles behind their hands. If you need help getting your smile to a healthy state, we can help. You might be surprised at what our patients have told us about opportunities they took just because they felt confident about having a great smile.
  3. You’ll feel at peace about your oral health. Keeping your mouth healthy means you don’t have to worry about dental problems in the back of your mind. It means you can stop wondering if that constant sensitivity in your tooth is going to get worse. It means you can eat nutritious foods and stop bone loss in your jaw because you have replaced missing teeth.
  4. You’ll help prevent widespread health problems. Your oral health is connected to your overall health. Treating an infected tooth can prevent complications like an infection spreading elsewhere in your body. Preventing or managing gum disease can prevent tooth loss and even diabetes complications and high blood pressure. The list goes on.

To get a head start on your New Year’s resolution, call our Stillwater endodontist today at 651-370-9498 or schedule online.